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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Could be Sexier!

This post has to do with changing your style of dance to fit music, or the mood of the milonga that you happen to be dancing at to make the tango your own and the experience unique, mostly about bringing the tango connection home.

To illustrate what I am talking about I'm posting two different videos of a pair of my favorite dancers

This is my idea of tango which can be be danced in a milonga that somewhat, but not to crowded, when you have a partner who is fairly progressive and you both feel a little more adventurous and when you both want that real close physical connection, or when the music just screams "tradition". Of course a lot of the time I like to get even more conservative than this, even to the point of just walking, (with the right partner of course).

Above is an example of how I might like the dance to feel if it were an alternative milonga, or if I were dancing with a woman that I know can follow this type of lead (of course if there isn't room to do these bigger moves without the possibility of endangering others on the dance floor big is not an option).

These dancers are so superior to most of the dancers I've seen that in their case I would be happy to just watch them dance instead of hitting the floor (almost never happens!)