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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What is Chamuyo? (pronounced; Shamooshow)

Roughly translated it is...well... Bullshit.

It is a bit of tradition in Tango that during cortinas (interludes between the songs of a tanda) or after every tanda, that you say something to you partner that enhances their experience. For example a compliment on their dancing or the way they look. I really like the idea that it is expected of everyone to make sure that you say something positive to the person that you are sharing this sensual experience with.

I really noticed this during my trip to BA...The women there went out of their way to try and compliment me...even though more often than not we did not speak the same language...Kind of cool!

Is this lying...or a bad thing, No... you can always find something nice to say to anyone if you look for the positive...It's just a way of being nice, and making it your responsibility to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience.

Last weekend, after a tanda I received a fantastic compliment...The woman I was dancing with asked me where I had learned to dance, and I told her that I had mostly learned in Colorado from the local teachers and from the festival instructors that came through town... Her response was that I didn't dance like most of the Denver leaders...That I danced more like they do in Buenos Aires...Well this really made me feel fantastic, and for me was the highlight of the evening even though I had had many incredible tandas that night.

Was she Bullshitting me?? Who cares!