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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If You Really Want to Know Tango...

If you want to know must go to the Tango.

Give your partner everything (Don't hold back or dance half heartedly...Emotions are a good thing in Tango.)

Listen to Tango Music.  (The better you know it, the better your dancing will become.)

Learn about the Lyrics.  (This will change the way you dance.)

Understand the Culture.  (It is different from yours...more often than not.)

Follow the Codicos.  (They were developed over a long period of time and are there for good reason.)

Dance to Tango Music.  (Something is lost when Tango is danced to non-tango music.  It is fun from time to time to dance to alternative music but not if it is done too often.)

Step Outside of your Comfort Zone.

'Respect the roots... so they don't die'