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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mixed Messages about Buenos Aires

I've been thinking about taking a trip to Buenos Aires for a couple of years now and after talking to several different people I've gotten varied responses about what to expect

"Expect nothing"

"Go with a group"

"Men have a different experience there than women"

"You a good dancer, you'll have a great time"

"If I were single like you I'd go down there for awhile"

"Don't go with a group, you may as well just go to a festival as do that"

"It's hard for a foreigner to get a lot of dances, especially with the non foreign women there"

"Take a woman with you"

I've decided It's time to find out for myself so I bought ticket today

I'll be there April 7 - April 20

Tango is not for the meek!