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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Drill That Will Improve Your Tango (For Leaders and Followers)

On a floor that will allow pivoting put down a large X with tape (the X should be about two meters square).

Put a small staight backed chair on the X, centered, with one leg of the chair on each of the lines of the X (you may have to adjust the tape to ensure that each of the legs of the chair are on a line).

Imagine a circle around the chair about one foot from the legs of the chair.

Start the music.

Now do Giros around the chair keeping your shoulders facing the chair at all times and stepping only on the tape X (at the places where it would intersect with an imaginary circle a few inches out side of the chair) Keep your chin up (don't tilt your head toward the floor) Remember that both shoulders MUST face the chair squarely at ALL times (pivot your hips only), and you must step only on the tape.

Occasionally change the direction of the turns only after a front step or back step by pivoting and doing two front  or back steps one after the other. (circular front, or back ochos)

For some people it may help to do front steps at the front of the chair, side steps at the sides of the chair, and back steps at the back of the chair. (This will help ingrain the Front, Side, Back, Side Front...norm for doing turns)

You must do hundreds and hundreds of molientes alone to get them to work without effort so you might as well get started.