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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reviewing Old Video from Former Workshops

I recently was going trough some old videos stored on my hard drive in an attempt to get rid of some junk there, and I came across a few old files that show workshop demonstrations from years gone by.

I have a few observations about these old videos;

Most of the material has been incorperated into my dance even though at the time the material seemed difficult.

The videos show the material that these instructors went over in the class and to me it doesn't seem like enough material to occupy an hour and a half workshop.

It always seems like the instructors were trying to get to a more advanced concept but were stopped due to limitations of skill of the attendees. (The tango community where I live is small and often classes are made up of a very wide range of abilities often streching from very advanced to brand new).

There are things that I do not recall in the videos that are extremely important concepts and were discovered through trail and error later.

Sometimes it seems as if the instructors left things out that may have helped the students.

I need to do this more often as a refresher, it was a very usfull excercise.