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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tom Waits

The original video I had posted here was taken down, too had some great tango related footage...still the song is genius...and fun to dance to.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Poison Pens

I recently read someones post somewhere in which the person writing was highly critical of one of the best dancers in the world, in this case it was Gereldine Rojas (her embrace didn't meet this persons standards)...are you kidding me?

It is not an isolated incident, you will read all over the internet people hating on people that deserve nothing but respect for their skill and accomplishments names like Frumboli, Naviera, Rodriguez, Arce, etc... people that have forgotten more about Tango than most people will ever know.

I try to remain positive on this blog, and in life (sometimes difficult and often I fail).

I can not for the life of me figure out why people are so hateful and negative...the only reason I can think of is jealousy.

The funny thing is that almost always if you take the time to find the author of one of these haters on video they almost always suck.

I could post a few but that would be wrong (or would it be karma, justice or whatever you want to call it)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Give Her a Chance to Shine

How is this done, you ask, Welll...

Slow Down... when the music calls for it, and sometimes when it doesn't.

What do I mean....

Instead of stepping on every beat or every other beat, take a full bar, maybe two, to make a step (a whole step would be from the time a foot has zero weight on it yet is still fully it approaches the other it brushes the weight bearing foot in it reaches the fully extended position with the ankle relaxed so that the the sole of the the foot is nearly parallel with the the heel touches the the weight slowly begins to transfer to the new the weight begins to roll forward to the new foot and roll off of the old the weight finally is completely over the new foot and the old foot is still fully extended yet bears no weight).

This will give her a chance to express herself musically, with adornments, foot taps, lapiizes, traspies, or give her the opportunity to make the same type of slow motion step that you are making if that's what she wants...

The point is give her a voice in the dance (more often than not she is a much better dancer than you are)

I consider it a compliment when a follower that hasn't been dancing much starts getting lots of tandas after we dance.

What's missing in Many Peoples Tango

This may be one of the things that make Tango so rewarding to me personaly, and I've noticed that many people treat tango as something like work.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Blog to Check Out

When I read this guys blog I couldn't help notice that a lot of what he says aligns perfectly with my feelings about Tango, and I thought, wow this guy must be an incredible dancer I can't wait to see him dance.

Then I saw the video ... Hmm, Not so much.

Oh well, no one is perfect.

I still like many of his ideas about Tango.

Floyd de Buffalo