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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Thoughts from Tango Festivals

Square corners on dance floors really help the dancers maintain their lanes, Oval, round, or odd shaped floors make it difficult to establish and maintain inner lanes.

Why do women dance with that old hack dancer that doesn't know what he is doing after all these years? Are they that desperate?

People need time to get from one venue to another.

A person should be able to sign up for a whole tract or for all of the lessons with one particular teacher/teachers and not be limited to a small number of classes with that instructor (first come first served).

The rubber band (Lance Armstrong style) wrist bands are comfortable, can be removed over the weekend and give participants a sovounier to keep. The plastic wristbands are the next best thing, tags and badges are the worst. Although it is nice to be able to see someones name that you are unfamiliar with as often happens at festivals.

Gorrilla style events require adaquete transportation arranged in advance, it's not cool to find out that you can not attend something because the bus is full.

Outside events need backups in case of weather or sheltered dancing very nearby, transportation is a must.

It is cool to give participants a package with maps, directions, convenient restaruants and things to do near your events, as well as attractions in the area.

Keep on top of small things at venues heating/air conditioning, water, adequate seating, use hallways for snacks etc... rather than create problems with the dance floor.

Seating should be arranged so that everyone isn't getting on the floor in the same area, this creates huge traffic problems and can really distroy floor craft, (Denver could use some help with this concept)

Women leaders (not all, but most, generaly speaking) need to pay more attension to floor craft, watch out for these (even the really good ones don't seem to get the lane idea)

I personally feel that it is ok for women to ask men to dance at festivals, it's also ok to say no for any, or no reason.

When you are sitting next to someone, just ask them to dance, no need for silly games

The dance floor should be ready to dance on before the milonga starts no slick spots or sticky areas.

Floor Wax and Tango do not mix (same goes for talc on the floor) you can't dance on "ice".

Non Tango people that you stay with may not understand your Vampire like Tango ways, so be prepared to explain in advance late hours and the need for sleep. Make sure they are cool with it before hand.

Most dance floors can support more than just an outside lane and every one should try to use inside lanes as well as the outside lane to alleviate congestion (I've been to to many milongas where everyone is dancing on the outside lane and it's to crowded to move) contrary to popular belief the best dancers don't only dance in the outside lane.

Using the center of the floor for "spot type" dancing only works if the floor is relatively square, if the room is long and narrow the center of the floor should be avoided (to much risk of collision with dancers that are moving.)