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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tango Epiphanies 5

Too much vino may have an adverse effect on you tango. (Duh!)

Tango Epiphanies 4

Good tandas only happen when both partners want to dance with each other, this is why cabeseo is so great.

Tango Epiphanies 3

Creating a spiral in your followers torso is the key to creating pivots, ochos, circular boleos, and over turned ochos, for followers you must allow this to happen.

Tango Epiphanies 2

A moliente may be led while the leader progresses along the line of dance. This way the follower is not led into the space belonging to the couple behind them. Disassociation is required to pull this off.

Tango Epiphanies 1

It's not about me, it's about her

Couples at Milongas

Am I the only one that has been taught that a woman seated with a man is of limits for Cabeseo until the male half of the couple dances with another woman?

Personally I feel that maintaining as much of the culture, etiquette, and tradition in the milonga as possible helps to keep the feeling as it should be in tango, that is, it brings a small piece of Argentina, and the culture of tango to where ever you happen to be dancing thus making it a more genuine experience.

Having said that, the one thing that I would personally do away with is the tradition of seating single men and women apart from one another, luckily I have seen that only once in the country where I dance. (I hated it but, I guess like the other traditions and tango music itself, it is an acquired taste.) The only purpose for it that I can see for it is that it would eliminate "babysitting", there is nothing worse than asking a lady to dance when a man is camped out next to her.