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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Best and The Worst

Why is it that tango seems to bring out the worst in some people? People (who may or may not know what they are talking/writing about) who are so self involved that they think that the way that they dance is the only true tango. What does it matter what other people are doing on the dance floor as long as floor craft is followed, and nobody is getting bumped, kicked or stepped on.

I know of one leader/blogger that I have seen dance on many occasions (a very poor leader in my opinion, and a fair blogger (when he writes about tango)) who will rant about nuevo dancers in one post and in another laud praises upon Gustovo Naviera in the next post (Mr. Naviera is one of the founders of the present (so called) nuevo style.

The blogger I mentioned above's dance is extremely stiff, ungrounded, off balance, and looks to be extremely painful. His personality is the quintessence of tango snobery (is that a word?).

On the other hand some of the friendliest most charismatic people I have ever met can be found in tango (funny how I have never heard this kind of person complain about another dancers style of dance).

In my opinion Tango is Tango and each to their own.